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Friday, July 6, 2012

Thursday Night Udon Dinner

Why did the weather get cold today!? That's ok!! It's noodle soup time!
Udon is one of my favorite comfort foods. They are perfect for a cold rainy day or when you feel sick and you need something easy on the stomach, I always turn to my trusty udon soup. The version I make is probably the easiest. It's with ingredients I usually have on hand in the refrigerator. Egg, green onions, bags frozen udon noodles, and different types of fish balls. Fish balls can be in ball sizes, tubes that you can slice, or different colors. They are all basically made from minced, smushed fish shaped into something. It adds a nice flavor to the broth. All those ingredients are easily found at asian supermarkets. I like to flavor my broth with a soy sauce base specifically made for udon/soba soups.

You can deepen the flavor by adding more or less with the water.
All the ingredients prior to taking swim in the hot bath.

Simple ingredients and yet can be filling!

I usually let the water simmer, crack the egg and drop it in to poach. While that is doing its thing, I add the fish balls since they need to cook a little longer. Then the noodles goes in last since they take only 2-3 minutes to cook. I usually never eat the green onions, they make the soup look and taste better hehe. I like to finish my udon soup with the green onions for flavor. Once all the ingredients are cooked then that is when you add the broth. I never follow the direction on the bottle for the ratio because I stop pouring until I get the taste I want. So you can end up using up the bottle fast or slow. Me, usually on the fast side.

Simple and very warming
Joseph loves udon, specifically the udon noodles, or "fat noodles". If this udon soup does nothing for you. I can guarantee that the bowl is a good hand warmer at the least! Promise!! Slurp it up and enjoy!

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