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Monday, July 2, 2012

MY Momofuku's Compost Cookies

After my baking crazed Saturday, I have no idea what compelled me to do another bake session on today. Maybe I'm just really curious to see what the fuss is about with these Momofuku's baked goods. Or more like my husband would kill me if I paid $44 to have the crack pie shipped to me.

So Compost Cookie is basically a cookie with stuff you have laying around your kitchen that you add to the mix. But instead of using whatever was in my cabinet, I thought for the first try I'll follow Momofuku's recipe. The only thing I didn't have was the graham cracker crumbs. I used the recipe found on Oprah's website HERE.

First things first,  you creamed the butter with the sugars ( LOTS of sugar)

Forgot to take a picture before dumping it all in the mixing bowl.

When the paddle is done beating the crap out of the sugars and butter, you then add the lone egg and vanilla extract, followed by all the "dry" ingredients.

Does the one egg make a huge difference?
After that you add the "Compost"!!

Poor graham cracker crumbs didn't get to join the party

You follow the direction of chilling it in the fridge prior to baking. I used a 1/3 measure scoop to portion out the cookie dough, during the baking it did spread alot so I only had 4 to a sheet pan. I think it actually came out really well. I like how the coffee grounds give it a nice speckle in there.

I should use a bowl for my milk next time..

Box is a little too small hahaha
This cookie is actually pretty good, not too sweet and none of the compost toppings overwhelmed another. Each bite you can taste a little bit of sweet and then a little bit of salty and then a crunch here and there. I only baked half of the recipe, I have the rest in the freezer to bake for another day. This was definitely much easier and faster than the crack pie. Both enjoyable and tasty!! Worth a try!

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