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Saturday, June 30, 2012

World's First Compostable Diaper.....?

I came across an article recently about the *loud speaker on* "The World's First Compostable Diapers!" Interesting enough, I had to take a look and see what it was about. Diapers made by the company Element's Naturals that also makes compostable wipes. So the skinny on this is that their products are no doubt made with natural ingredients and claims to be 100% fully compostable in a 3 months span. However, user comments and other sites I visited mentioned this is not a composting project you would have in your backyard. You would have to find a local composting facility and for the diapers, they can only have urine. For the wipes, they have to be "wet". So there's always the debate between cloth and disposable for the sake of the environment. I personally use disposables because working 40 hours a week plus everything else, I honestly did not see that as a possilibity. So how bad really is it? The following article nails it for me:

The Great Disposable Diaper Debate

We all do a little to negatively contribute to our environment. But as long as we do little parts in what we can in our lifestyle, eating habits, transportation, etc, I'd say that's good enough to give yourself a little pat on the back. Pin It Now!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Paris map framing comparison

Take a look at photo 1 and photo 2 below. Which do you think cost more? Please disregard the photo quality in terms of choosing your answer.

Photo 1

Photo 2
If you said photo 1 probably cost more, well, I hate to tell you but it is not!!! I got this print back in March when I was shopping for thank you cards at Paper Source and saw this with all the pretty and pricey wrapping papers. I just had to have it (and it was only $3.95!!) I didn't immediately think "oh I would love to use this to wrap a present with!" Instead I was thinking "OMG OMG OMG I want this framed in Ava's room!!" So I started looking for frames for it. Come to find out, I would need a frame that was pretty much 20"x28", so nothing I would be able to just walk in and buy. I went to Michael's the other day and asked about custom framing. I was told it's not a cheap thing...well..the nice saleslady quoted $180!!! Without any matting!! AND that's for the cheapest frame!! Um no thank you I will just thumb tack this to her wall instead. The only reason I didn't jump on the quote (and I even had a 70% off coupon that day) was because I found this same picture in a frame from The Land of Nod for $99. So I knew I wasn't going to pay more than that.

Discouraged I did a search and found a result that IKEA had such a frame. Really?? Why didn't I come across this sooner?? I checked it out and literally my jaws dropped open...$19.99 and with mat included!!! OH-MY-HAPPY-GOODNESS! This frame is part of their RIBBA collection. I know, I know, IKEA's quality are not top notch, but $180 vs $19.99..gee I'd be dumb to pay a gazillion times more for a frame for the Paris Map..excuse me, "wrapping paper" that cost me a whole whopping $3.95.

So yes, Photo 1 is the Paris Map I framed in the RIBBA frame, whereas Photo 2 is The Land of Nod one. It's pretty amazing how you can easily find things you like from upscale stores for wholesale prices elsewhere. It takes a little searching, but once you find the company or the name of the product, it is not that hard. In the end, I only burned about $30 vs $180+who+knows+what+else, so I would consider myself a TRUE WINNER! Pin It Now!

Family who eats together stays together...

You might wonder where do I even get the time to write a posting day after day considering I work a 40 hour week at a desk job, have two kids, afterschool stuff, and etc?? First of all, everything is restricted at work, ESPECIALLY blogs, food blogs!! So my typical workday is drop Joseph off at school (My godsent mom watches Ava for me), then I go to work, come home from work with Joseph (with exception of Tuesdays and Thursdays I take Joseph to Taekwondo practice), try to come up with something for dinner, eat dinner, then bath/bed routine for Joseph, and somewhere in between I nurse Ava, I or husband will put Joseph to bed (over and over and over until he falls asleep). Then Ava goes to bed, then FINALLY I can get on the computer OR wait until husband is done then FINALLY FINALLY I can use the computer! I'll admit, it is pretty hectic but it's not really that difficult once you get the hang of it. Obviously having mom help out is 1000x more helpful but she deserves her break once I get home.

Just what the doctor ordered for the working mom! Or any mom! "Dinner A Love Story" Blog

I recently came across a blog that discusses the importance of having dinner together as a family. Joseph has always sat at the dinner table with me for each meal (ok, not really EVERY meal, sometimes not breakfast but dinners for sure). But ever since having Ava, I've definitely been slacking in delicious dinner category. So the blog "Dinner A Love Story" is a great inspiration to help me organize and learn how to organize the little time I have to make delicious dinner for my family while still holding on to the importance of having dinner as a family. In my Forks and Kisses world, I want to make it more enjoyable, more refined, and slow it down so everyone can cherish these times we have together to discuss day to day stuff, accomplishments, school stuff, or just chit chat.

I did not buy the book yet, but is available at Amazon. Since I figured alot of the recipes and ideas are all written nicely in her blog I'll try that route first. In her book it goes into more detail about the planning process and some other stuff I have no clue about because I don't own the book yet haha. So once I purchase her book I can do a more thorough review. For now, the recipes look easy and delicious since they are those "tried and true" recipes, so I'm excited to try it. Check out her blog and stay tuned for hopefully delicious dinners serving up at Forks and Kisses!!! Pin It Now!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adorama Photobook Deal!!

I know I just recently covered a post about my experience making photobooks from Adorama for Forks and Kisses. I tried out a simple one with just pictures and posted some specifications on Forks and Kisses here. I just got an email in my inbox for the same deal which is an 8x8, 14 pgs photobook for $9.99 (Ends July 2nd!!). Simply just go to Adorama, and click Photo Books on the left side column and you will see a banner advertising the deal. Remember these are quality professional prints, fold down pages, and great choices for backgrounds and layouts. Here are some pictures I used for my first photobook:

Baby kitty towel: Target

V-neck bodysuit: Gap Baby ; Striped legwarmers: BabyLegs

I typically order prints for my photos as keepsake, but when you work full time, it's much harder to take prints to view at work. So having quality made photobooks, it works out great when I misses her and want to look at Ava and/or Joseph's pictures or to show friends or co workers.

I took these pictures about two weeks ago after her bath. I decided to try out her new outfit which I got on super sale from Baby Gap! It was in the middle of the afternoon and the lighting in my mom's room was nice so I got a few snapshots of my little kisses. I edited minimally with just brightening and lightening up the photo. Enjoy!

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San Marcos Farmer's Market

Just last year San Marcos (a subdivision of San Diego) started holding their own farmer's market on Wednesday on Cal State San Marcos Parking Lot. Compared to other ones in San Diego County, the one here is fairly smaller. I am happy to say we have finally checked out the farmer's market. I believe in the future they will have alot more vendors. Right now there's only a couple produce and fruit vendors which I would definitely like to see more of.

Lots of fresh produce

These basils will make your dollar hollar!

Sampling strawberries and then begging for strawberries

These were some sweet #?^%@#^* white cherries..haha

And...more fresh produce!

We picked up a nice big batch of fresh basil with the roots still in it for $1!! Joseph begged for strawberries so we got him a little basket of that. We sampled some white cherries from another vendor. The crazy thing is I grew up hating cherries, but I have never ever tasted white cherries that had the same texture and sweetness as a peach. My mouth was definitely wanted more.

San Marcos Farmer's Market is open every Wednesday from 4-7pm and every Sunday from 10-2pm. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

San Diego County Fair aka Del Mar Fair

Oh the fair you are preventing me from having a productive Wednesday workday! Maybe I should of planned for the San Diego County Fair on a weekend but why would I if it is kids free/sample tasting price Tuesdays!!

My favorite at the San Diego Fair: fresh roasted corn!!

We took off after Joseph's Taekwondo practice with another student from his studio. This time Jospeh got to go on rides and eat his annual pizza from the fair (nothing spectacular at all, but that's what this kid wants. At least he's not asking for fried Oreos or fried cheeseburgers! So I am thankful for that :) Always a good time there walking around, bumping into people you know and eating fair food. This year's theme is aliens (insert X-files opening theme music here). We enjoy coming here every year since I used to growing up in San Diego so now that I have my own kiddos we make it a summer tradition. Plus what kid would reject fun rides, cotton candy, win toys and prizes? Uh huh, I thought so!!

I guess the kids are considered the "aliens"
Kids are weird sometimes...very weird..
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Baby Food or Earth's Best or any?

Ava has officially started dabbing her toes into the culinary world outside of breastmilk. We attempted to try around 4 months, but she decided it was more fun to let everything dribble out and smear it all over the place. So we thought, ehhhh let's just wait until she is 6 months. DING! and 6 months is here already.

With my first, I bought the regular Gerber puree stuff. Nothing fancy, nothing organic and he turned out quite alright! 6 years down the road and holy smokes look at all the choices I have to choose from just for baby food!! Honestly I have no clue except I came across some review about the Happy Baby Food brand. Other than that, I just grabbed whatever flavor I wanted for her. Brands not considered.

Our trusty Chef Totoro

Waiting to make food crime scene. Maybe a white colored T-shirt isn't the best idea.

The "Evidence"
Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take any "AFTER" pictures only because she didn't make such a mess! So we will do a take-2 another day. Pin It Now!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest Mondays

Ava just turned 6 months last Thursday and I've been plotting out ideas for her 6 months photoshoot. My photographer suggest I should wait until she can fully sit up in order to get better pictures. I think that's a great idea because that will give me more time to buy more outfits! Lately I've been searching far and wide for ideas and outfits. Pinterest is the ultimate ideas website!! Unfortunately you have to get an invite to join!? I got mine through my cousin. Nudge at me if you need an invite! Here are some Pinterest photos I'm loving for Ava:

Source: etsy.com via Leanna on Pinterest

This last one I already got off Etsy and I swear it is THE MOST CUTEST THING EVER! I wish I knew about photographing baby's milestone for my first one. But I think I took enough photographs to make up for it. Pin It Now!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reminiscing about food through my iPhone

Weekend is coming to an end and I should really be in bed. But I'm sitting here in front of the computer thinking about food I had recently and wishing I had some. Here's hope to dreaming about them in my sleep tonight. *Cheers!*

Broiled San Francisco Stuffed French Toast from Starling Diner in Long Beach, CA
Crab cake scramble from Starling Diner, Long Beach, CA

The famous Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles, CA - My ULTIMATE favorite is the top right corner: Burrata crostone with swiss chard, spring onion, and balsamico (I can eat 10 a day I think)

I've never had brussel sprouts done like this (bottom left)..did I say AMAZING??? Bo+Beau in San Diego, CA
Starling Diner
4114 E. 3rd Street
Long Beach, CA 90814

Pizzeria Mozza
641 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
323-297-0101 (Reservation highly recommended!!)

Bo Beau Kitchen + Bar
4996 West Point Loma Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92107
619-224-2884 (They don't take reservations!! So go early!)

Well good night and sweet dreams to good eats. Until then, enjoy! Pin It Now!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eat This Map!!

Found this one Pinterest..good map to find all the good eats! Pin It Now!

Adorama Photobooks!

Today is a double posting day apparently. Only since I got ANOTHER package at the door. I used to order my photo prints from Snapfish whenever they would send me emails for 100 prints for a ridiculous price. At first they were fine to me, but after I started testing the water with photography, I wanted more, something more and better. So I found Adorama. Not only they rent cameras and lenses, they do photo prints, photobooks, you name it..they should have it (photography related of course). I've ordered printed twice now, and they even order wallet size prints which is perfect to give to family and friends.

So awhile back I saw they were having this $9.99 deal for a 8x8 book. I thought, shoot let's try it! (Previous attempts with MyPublisher was daunting for some reason, back to that later).

Right out of the package. Why 3? You know one for self, then his gramps and my gramps..

The pages actually have a little bit of texture to give it that "it was worth the price" look.

OoOOoO fold down pages! I didn't get those with MyPublisher photobooks back in the days..or uh maybe I just didn't know!

Nice. Just nice. 

I downloaded the software thingy and I just couldn't get through a page. Maybe because after having two kids only half a brain works or something but I found it difficult to navigate and figure it out. Or..maybe I was just lazy. One day I will give them another try since my cousin used them to create Photobooks and he was quite pleased with his.

Looking at the final product I think I need to dedicated myself into hiding in this office room and make photobooks for Ava and Joseph like crazy! My mom said, "why only 14 pages?". Uh well the deal only gives me 14 pages.. but I can make more but it might cost me a handful!! MAYBE when Miss Jellybean Ava sleep for a good 5 hours stretch I'll go for it. Pin It Now!

How many stuff did you order?!?

This post is going to be a little on the long side. We recently got Ava some new "toys" or more like chew toys since everything is hand --> mouth at the moment. So I will try and keep this post short but for those with a little 6 months old will know, your time is up when she is ready to feed :)

With my first child Joseph, everything I got him he took immediately..totally awesome for a first time mom right!? Never have to try any other products. Joseph used the first pacifiers we bought, bottles, clothes, shampoo, diapers, wipes, you name it, we never had to try a second brand. So obviously I assumed my second child would be the same. NO WAY!! Some items she is ok with, like diapers and wipes. But shampoo, certain fabrics, diaper rash cream, etc...it is all about trying out brands. Too bad I'm not getting paid for testing them out right?

I never got any Aden + Anais swaddle blankets for Joseph. I just bought the ones I saw at Target or wherever. However, Ava would get really hot and her clothing would get drenched with sweat. Seeing how much she loved her A+A swaddle blankets, I thought why not give their crib sheets a try. Like everyone else who owes A+A, they are soft and definitely breathable. So then I also thought..well, why not also get the "Dream Blanket".
<3 (Scroll down to see the product in its place)

The so called "Dream Blanket"

I've also been looking at toys that are quality made that if she chewed hard enough, she wouldn't be digested shards of plastic or nasty paint. I found these handmade knit sock dolls called "BLA BLA" dolls. They are totally TOTALLLLY cute and when we got them in the mail and showed it to Ava, she was yelling, screeching, going nutso for her little mini-Fleur bunny. "What a good buy" : husband says.

Handmade in Peru

I really do feel that quality made products do last much longer. The quality, the feel, and sometimes the style. Not everything in Ava's room are pricey items, some stuff I get at the regular chain shops do just fine. Well, it is definitely time to put the blanket in the dryer and check on Ava to see if she's napping or doing circles in her crib. Until then, enjoy! Pin It Now!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Joseph is an orange belt!

Yesterday was the belt award ceremony at Joseph Taekwondo studio. He thinks he is so much closer to a black belt now, which technically he is..in a 6 year old world when 5 minutes=counting to 5.
Joseph and his Orange Belt certificate
With the other students and Master Mo and Master Hong.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Forks and Kisses.. Established in San Diego

This is my #1 (Joseph) and #2 (Ava). Since this is my first post I will say a little about our family and myself. I am a full time working mom with two kids. Then there's also husband Zane. The older just turned 6 while the little wee one just turned 6 months. The name Forks and Kisses came about since I enjoy eating and trying new restaurants in San Diego or out. Kisses, well that's obviously about my kids who I love so much. This blog is to keep tabs on our fun with lots of kisses and forks to food and everything in between. Along the way I will show you some products I've found useful for my kids, cool finds I discover and pictures of good eats I put put my fork to.

The moments you cherish the most are the ones filled with kisses and good food (at least in my book!!)

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