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Sunday, July 1, 2012

MY Momofuku Crack Pie

Love the scrabble looking letters

Six year old, six months old, me, getting ingredients and making Momofuku's Crack Pie recipe on a Saturday.... yup, don't think that will ever happen again. Originally I had planned to make the pie and compost cookies, but I'm lucky to even get through making two pies. I did an grocery run for ingredients with the two kids in tow, came back and started on the pie only to realize I forgot ONE stinking ingredient!! Noooooo why must you be in it heavy cream!!! Re-dressed kids, changed and fed baby, back in car, and to the market we go, again.

The Momofuku Crack Pie is well searched and been given thumbs up by Martha Stewart, Oprah, and many magazine publications. Why called "Crack Pie"? If you look at the ingredients (butter, sugar, sugar, butter, oh wait more sugar, and don't forget more butter...), that's why. This is one of those desserts you keep away from ANY child under the age of 16. Highly forbidden.

Oozing goodness...

I used the recipe from Los Angeles Times. Pretty straight forward recipe. Consists of 3 parts: Make cookie, break cookie and turn it into crust, make filling that goes in the crust. After it was all set and done. The taste reminded me of a pecan pie/blondie hybrid filling and a lemon bar crust except it has oats in it. It's sweet, but balanced enough that it's actually not too overwhelming. I've had a lot sweeter desserts that didn't have this much sugar in it. Indeed it is rich though so don't forget to share your other pie. Compost cookies soon to come! Enjoy! Pin It Now!


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