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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forks and Kisses- Baby Eating Edition

When I fed her the banana/apricot/brown rice combo, she did not particularly enjoy it and kept making faces. So I remembered about Joseph around the same age. I managed to put both into one movie clip. They are both just soo cute making those faces!!! I can't believe Joseph has way less hair than Ava hahaha.

Here's the video from VIMEO. Hope it works!!

Ava Joseph food face from Jenny Maltsberger on Vimeo.

Now that Ava has been on baby food for the past couple weeks now. I've tried couple brands (Earth's Best, Happy Baby Food, and now Ella's Kitchen). I like Earth's Best because they offer the glass jar but I especially like Ella's Kitchen because they don't just offer one kind of fruit or vegetable per pouch, they mix in two or three different fruits/vegetable combos. They must know baby can also get sick of eating the same stuff all day! I think we have found a winner!

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