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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Garden Fresh, Market Fresh

The Lucky 5
I wish I had a nice picture of the heirloom tomato to go with these San Marzano tomatoes, but unfortunately the squirrels striked again! My mom managed to salvaged these and kept them safe in her bedroom. The funny story with these San Marzanos and heirloom tomatoes is that these weren't originally the ones I started with. These came from the seeds of the tomatoes my co worker gave me to try. My mom took the seeds and just stuck them in the garden. Low and behold a year later, we have these tomatoes and none of the one I planted the year before!

Interesting find at the Korean Market. Red Corn!!?!?!?! My friend and I stood and stared for awhile before asking a Korean lady what does red corn taste like? Her response? That it's sweeter than the white and yellow and stickier. Hmm I didn't even know corn can be sticky!

We simply just boiled the corn. The only creepy thing about this beautiful corn is the nice red coloring disappears during the boiling process and it becomes this purple dot color. Scary!! But other than that, taste like any other sweet corn. Pin It Now!


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