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Monday, October 29, 2012

Bates Nut Farm 2012

This year was Ava's first Halloween and we were able to finally take her to Bates Nut Farm. Although we wanted to take her earlier with Joseph, but she came down with some bad virus that even landed her in the ER. So she was basically quarantined in the house for a week. Once she got some good ol medicine from the ER doctor, she was able to venture out on Saturday to look at pumpkins! I remember the first time taking Joseph there, it was so cool because it was actually a field full of pumpkins still on the vine and they were all enormous! They had a straw maze, tractor rides, and all kinds of food.

However, this year we got there near the end of the season, so no maze or tractor. Just pumpkins. Quite a few rotting pumpkins as well. But we still got to take some pictures and Ava seemed to enjoy being out finally.

This is Joseph back in 2008
He's so little! Still baby status at the time :)
Now here's Ava and her first time at Bates Nut Farm, not exactly the same age but still cute to have pictures of them two visiting the same places for the first time.

Ava is probably, what in the world are these big ol orange things???
They seem kind of cool after all!
With MAMA...
Bates Nut Farm is so exciting!!! HAHAHAHA
They sure have a funny texture to them!

Yes Mr. Turkey, thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Bahahaha
Straws are fascinating as well :)
Overall, it was a great time visiting the pumpkin patch. Next year we will definitely go earlier and hopefully Joseph will come with us together. The weather was nice and hot she was able to still wear shorts at the end of October! Until then, bye!! Pin It Now!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ava 9 & 10 months! The countdown to ONE begins!

I can't believe Ava is just two months shy from her first birthday! Planning has begun in full effect. She's a regular stairmaster now, the faster she gets up, the faster she can make a mess in Joseph's room. The two of them love bath time together.

Love these two candid shots of them during bathtime.
Let's make waves!!
Ava with her Miss Hollywood glasses

Since we don't have any carpeting in the house besides the stairs and two closets, Ava is fascinated with the stairs and likes to spend her time climbing and combing it with her fingers. She tends to go into Joseph's room since it is right at the top of the stairs and make a nice ol' mess for him.

Here she is playing half way up on the stairs. Always supervised of course!

She loves to go into Joseph's room and pull all the books from his bookshelf!
And she likes ripping his Angry Birds artworks off the walls. OoOOooops!!!!
"Look Mama! I made it to the top!!!"
Our new friend Lambchop is now a regular in the house and keeps everyone laughing and happy. She is just as silly and active as Joseph and Ava.
Even Lambchop likes to photobomb..haha
Here is Ava playing with farmer Carrot
Halloween is only couple days away and can't wait for the two to get some pictures for their first Halloween as brother and sisters!! Enjoy!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

San Diego Little Italy's Festa- Gesso Italiano

It's actually been awhile since I've posted. Been really busy with family and upgrading of a new computer, baby, and finding time to get on the computer. Finally everything has been said and done and now it's time for fun and postings! Today I got to finally make it to the San Diego Little Italy's annual Festa! Celebrating all things Italian and got to see some cool Gesso Italiano "Italian Chalk." The weather was picture perfect in San Diego and the artworks were amazing!

We got to take the trolley to the Festa! First time for Ava and Mommy!

Chilling while everyone is hard at work painting with chalk.

I was so torn to pick this one for most creative, the most unique out of all the chalk paintings! But I ended up picking a different one!!!

Chalk but in an oil painting style! Definitely unique!

Another good one!


The one below was my pick for Best In Show. He's not quite done yet but just look at it!!! Amazing on the spot painting!

Super talented!!!
I ended up picking the one below as the Most Creative. She painted this from a photograph and this was also spot on!

Very  beautiful!
The next two is cute chalk stuff I found I thought Joseph would of approved! Mario and Minecraft, he would of went crazy for these!!

Here is Ava posing with Steve the Minecraft guy for Joseph :)

Overall it was a great time and I think Ava had fun!! Can't wait until next week when we go apple picking and pumpkin picking :) Until next time!! Pin It Now!

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