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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grubbing for pork chops and more..Taiwan style

After a long day of work, it is totally the best thing ever when my mom have dinner planned out. Plus it gives me a chance to take photographs of her cooking and showcase her craft. Dinner tonight at the Forks and Kisses household is cruising Taiwanese style consisting of white rice, fried pork chop, and three cup chicken "三杯雞". You know it's a real homecooked meal because mom cannot give you the exact measurements of all the ingredients. Usually it's like, "you know, a little pinch of this.. just pour this much,, scoop 2, oh wait maybe 3..". So, what I mean is: NO EXACT MEASUREMENTS!! Therefore, I only cook a couple Chinese dishes and leave the rest to my mom.

Deliciousness always.
So Joseph pretty much ate up the first three pieces before he even started on his rice. I prefer him to eat his rice, but hey, he's eating alot of food so no complaints here!! The remaining 3 I ate as much as I could.

Next up on the menu is my mom's Three Cup Chicken dish. It is a soy sauce based dish where you cook the ginger first for flavor, then brown the chicken pieces and then simmer the chicken pieces with the soy sauce, rice wine,sugar(?), and sesame oil. Basil is added near the end as the finishing touch for color and flavor.

I went and snipped two red chili from our garden to add a pop of color.
Look at that cow, carrying all that yummy-licious chicken in its belly. MOOOOOCLUCKCLUCK!

And here we are, the final product of my mom's great cooking. I love to take the sauce from the Three Cup Chicken and smear it all over my rice, gives it a nice flavor. Hopefully when she sees this, it will make her want to cook some more!! Since I know she has a lot more in her arsenal of good eats. So until then, ENJOY!! Pin It Now!


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