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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shrimp and Spinach Pasta to the rescue!

Something about food on white plates make me swoon. ^_^
We tend to have some sort of shrimp dishes on rotation at Forks and Kisses household. Only because they freeze well and when they are on sale, you tend to want to stock up with at least 2lbs. Baby spinach or regular spinach is also another great thing to always have on hand. They are easy to work into sandwiches, pasta and even breakfast! Pasta....well who doesn't have pasta sitting in their pantry right now?

Usually I buy Prego sauce to use in my pasta dishes. Unfortunately at the local market Sprouts, they don't carry big named items. Mostly brands that are more natural. The more I use Prego, the more I tend to not want pasta dishes. That means it is time to retire Mr. Prego and move on to the next. I saw this bottle waaaaayyy down at the bottom of the shelf. I remember getting their fig & walnut balsamic vinaigrette, which I really enjoyed. So I thought..hmmm let's give this a try. **Warning: This will probably be the most expensive bottle of pasta sauce at $7.99 on "SALE"!! But well worth it!!** I will have to do a taste test with Joseph some other time with sauces.

I bought a garlic tomato sauce. But they have many MANY flavors to choose from.
So now, let's bring out the key players in this dish:

Salt, Pepper, and Olive Oil didn't make it to the photoshoot, but everyone knows to season with S&P for taste.
There is really no exact measurement for this dish, add more of everything if you have a big family to feed, add less if it's just you and your significant others. For the tomato sauce, I usually add enough to coat the pasta and more if Joseph ask for it.

Obviously boil pasta according to the box. On the side, heat up a pan with olive oil and sautee the shrimp. Salt and Pepper!! When pink, put in a bowl. Now in the same pan pour a little sauce to heat, by then pasta should be alllllmmmooost done. When it's done, toss drained pasta into the sauce. Toss around and throw a handful of baby spinach in. The more the better!

The shrimps were too cool to toss with the pasta and spinach.
I decided not to toss the shrimp with the rest of the crew because I wanted to present the dinner nicely. But you can if you like. I added a bit of reggianito parmesan on top. This cheese differs from the regular parmesano reggiano since it's softer to the touch and has a slight hint of swiss cheese taste. I actually like this cheese alot more than the hard stuff. Voila! Shrimp and Spinach Pasta is done! How do I know it came out good? Because everybody ate this up!!

You can always add some chopped tomatoes for more texture.

This were the heirloom tomatoes from the garden. Got to them before the squirrels!
Serving a dish like this on a white plate can turn it into a more elegant summer dinner. Only if my backyard was nice with a farm table, this would definitely be the dish I serve on a summer night. Give it a try! Thanks for reading!! Pin It Now!


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