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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adorama Photobooks!

Today is a double posting day apparently. Only since I got ANOTHER package at the door. I used to order my photo prints from Snapfish whenever they would send me emails for 100 prints for a ridiculous price. At first they were fine to me, but after I started testing the water with photography, I wanted more, something more and better. So I found Adorama. Not only they rent cameras and lenses, they do photo prints, photobooks, you name it..they should have it (photography related of course). I've ordered printed twice now, and they even order wallet size prints which is perfect to give to family and friends.

So awhile back I saw they were having this $9.99 deal for a 8x8 book. I thought, shoot let's try it! (Previous attempts with MyPublisher was daunting for some reason, back to that later).

Right out of the package. Why 3? You know one for self, then his gramps and my gramps..

The pages actually have a little bit of texture to give it that "it was worth the price" look.

OoOOoO fold down pages! I didn't get those with MyPublisher photobooks back in the days..or uh maybe I just didn't know!

Nice. Just nice. 

I downloaded the software thingy and I just couldn't get through a page. Maybe because after having two kids only half a brain works or something but I found it difficult to navigate and figure it out. Or..maybe I was just lazy. One day I will give them another try since my cousin used them to create Photobooks and he was quite pleased with his.

Looking at the final product I think I need to dedicated myself into hiding in this office room and make photobooks for Ava and Joseph like crazy! My mom said, "why only 14 pages?". Uh well the deal only gives me 14 pages.. but I can make more but it might cost me a handful!! MAYBE when Miss Jellybean Ava sleep for a good 5 hours stretch I'll go for it. Pin It Now!


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