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Friday, June 29, 2012

Paris map framing comparison

Take a look at photo 1 and photo 2 below. Which do you think cost more? Please disregard the photo quality in terms of choosing your answer.

Photo 1

Photo 2
If you said photo 1 probably cost more, well, I hate to tell you but it is not!!! I got this print back in March when I was shopping for thank you cards at Paper Source and saw this with all the pretty and pricey wrapping papers. I just had to have it (and it was only $3.95!!) I didn't immediately think "oh I would love to use this to wrap a present with!" Instead I was thinking "OMG OMG OMG I want this framed in Ava's room!!" So I started looking for frames for it. Come to find out, I would need a frame that was pretty much 20"x28", so nothing I would be able to just walk in and buy. I went to Michael's the other day and asked about custom framing. I was told it's not a cheap thing...well..the nice saleslady quoted $180!!! Without any matting!! AND that's for the cheapest frame!! Um no thank you I will just thumb tack this to her wall instead. The only reason I didn't jump on the quote (and I even had a 70% off coupon that day) was because I found this same picture in a frame from The Land of Nod for $99. So I knew I wasn't going to pay more than that.

Discouraged I did a search and found a result that IKEA had such a frame. Really?? Why didn't I come across this sooner?? I checked it out and literally my jaws dropped open...$19.99 and with mat included!!! OH-MY-HAPPY-GOODNESS! This frame is part of their RIBBA collection. I know, I know, IKEA's quality are not top notch, but $180 vs $19.99..gee I'd be dumb to pay a gazillion times more for a frame for the Paris Map..excuse me, "wrapping paper" that cost me a whole whopping $3.95.

So yes, Photo 1 is the Paris Map I framed in the RIBBA frame, whereas Photo 2 is The Land of Nod one. It's pretty amazing how you can easily find things you like from upscale stores for wholesale prices elsewhere. It takes a little searching, but once you find the company or the name of the product, it is not that hard. In the end, I only burned about $30 vs $180+who+knows+what+else, so I would consider myself a TRUE WINNER! Pin It Now!


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