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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adorama Photobook Deal!!

I know I just recently covered a post about my experience making photobooks from Adorama for Forks and Kisses. I tried out a simple one with just pictures and posted some specifications on Forks and Kisses here. I just got an email in my inbox for the same deal which is an 8x8, 14 pgs photobook for $9.99 (Ends July 2nd!!). Simply just go to Adorama, and click Photo Books on the left side column and you will see a banner advertising the deal. Remember these are quality professional prints, fold down pages, and great choices for backgrounds and layouts. Here are some pictures I used for my first photobook:

Baby kitty towel: Target

V-neck bodysuit: Gap Baby ; Striped legwarmers: BabyLegs

I typically order prints for my photos as keepsake, but when you work full time, it's much harder to take prints to view at work. So having quality made photobooks, it works out great when I misses her and want to look at Ava and/or Joseph's pictures or to show friends or co workers.

I took these pictures about two weeks ago after her bath. I decided to try out her new outfit which I got on super sale from Baby Gap! It was in the middle of the afternoon and the lighting in my mom's room was nice so I got a few snapshots of my little kisses. I edited minimally with just brightening and lightening up the photo. Enjoy!

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