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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Baby Food or Earth's Best or any?

Ava has officially started dabbing her toes into the culinary world outside of breastmilk. We attempted to try around 4 months, but she decided it was more fun to let everything dribble out and smear it all over the place. So we thought, ehhhh let's just wait until she is 6 months. DING! and 6 months is here already.

With my first, I bought the regular Gerber puree stuff. Nothing fancy, nothing organic and he turned out quite alright! 6 years down the road and holy smokes look at all the choices I have to choose from just for baby food!! Honestly I have no clue except I came across some review about the Happy Baby Food brand. Other than that, I just grabbed whatever flavor I wanted for her. Brands not considered.

Our trusty Chef Totoro

Waiting to make food crime scene. Maybe a white colored T-shirt isn't the best idea.

The "Evidence"
Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take any "AFTER" pictures only because she didn't make such a mess! So we will do a take-2 another day. Pin It Now!


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