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Saturday, June 23, 2012

How many stuff did you order?!?

This post is going to be a little on the long side. We recently got Ava some new "toys" or more like chew toys since everything is hand --> mouth at the moment. So I will try and keep this post short but for those with a little 6 months old will know, your time is up when she is ready to feed :)

With my first child Joseph, everything I got him he took immediately..totally awesome for a first time mom right!? Never have to try any other products. Joseph used the first pacifiers we bought, bottles, clothes, shampoo, diapers, wipes, you name it, we never had to try a second brand. So obviously I assumed my second child would be the same. NO WAY!! Some items she is ok with, like diapers and wipes. But shampoo, certain fabrics, diaper rash cream, etc...it is all about trying out brands. Too bad I'm not getting paid for testing them out right?

I never got any Aden + Anais swaddle blankets for Joseph. I just bought the ones I saw at Target or wherever. However, Ava would get really hot and her clothing would get drenched with sweat. Seeing how much she loved her A+A swaddle blankets, I thought why not give their crib sheets a try. Like everyone else who owes A+A, they are soft and definitely breathable. So then I also thought..well, why not also get the "Dream Blanket".
<3 (Scroll down to see the product in its place)

The so called "Dream Blanket"

I've also been looking at toys that are quality made that if she chewed hard enough, she wouldn't be digested shards of plastic or nasty paint. I found these handmade knit sock dolls called "BLA BLA" dolls. They are totally TOTALLLLY cute and when we got them in the mail and showed it to Ava, she was yelling, screeching, going nutso for her little mini-Fleur bunny. "What a good buy" : husband says.

Handmade in Peru

I really do feel that quality made products do last much longer. The quality, the feel, and sometimes the style. Not everything in Ava's room are pricey items, some stuff I get at the regular chain shops do just fine. Well, it is definitely time to put the blanket in the dryer and check on Ava to see if she's napping or doing circles in her crib. Until then, enjoy! Pin It Now!


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