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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Turkey Chili Hash: Macho Style!

Finally a macho dinner dish for the boys! Two out of the three ingredients in this dish Joseph usually doesn't care for. Most of the time it would be a straight, "no ew I don't want that" kind of answer. Not until we went to Trader Joe's to get cane sugar when they had some stuff to sample. They were giving out samples for their Turkey Chili with beans on french fries. Initially Joseph said ew I don't want that. I came back with the convincing answer of "Look, french fries!!" He took a bite along with the turkey chili on it and was hooked! Next thing I know he is saying "Mommy get this!" as he is putting cans of turkey chili in my basket.

So the other night I was willing to take him out to a restaurant for dinner, out of nowhere he requests the turkey chili for dinner. WOW REALLY!? (Even though at the time I rather of gone out to eat). But alright, this is good news!

Really, no ingredient list or long instruction is needed here. Simply pan fry some hash brown potatoes with salt and pepper (frozen or shredded fresh, I used frozen). Pop open a can of Trader Joe's Turkey Chili (or whichever canned kind you prefer) and following cooking instructions. Once the hash brown are done, pour the chili on top and top with some mexican shredded four cheese! EASY AS THAT!

Serve it in a mini cast iron for that campfire feel..

Every guy young and old will like this dish. No greens!
As small as my cast iron mini bowl is, the dish itself is very filling. I used about half a bag of the frozen hash brown, one can of turkey chili and it was enough to feed a 6 year old, me, and the husband. I typically like some kind of greens to go along with my dish, so you can always add a side salad to make up for that.

Hearty, yet satisfying...isn't that from Lion King? haha
Try it out, this takes at most 10 minutes. I think even my 6 year old can learn to make this dish. Enjoy and check out the other recipes in the blog!! Pin It Now!


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