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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Snacking Time!

Ava is now at the age where she is starting to feed herself snacks. Browsing through the Target baby snack aisle, I knew I wanted to get the puffs for Ava. Those were life saving snacks when Joseph was a baby and was so convenient and tasty as well. I thought I try out couple new ones that wasn't there 6 years ago.

Now which of these does my 6 year old like as well???
I picked up couple flavors of the Gerber yogurt melts. They are so cute and look like mini chocolate morsels (except they are yogurt). Once they melt, they taste exactly what the packaging states...YOGURT! My 6 year old son loves these and pretty much ate half of the first bag, so I went back and stocked up on 3 more bags. Gerber's Puffs are great too, they have great flavors, but just too bad they don't sell mini containers or packages of them. So packing that in a diaper bag takes up room. Last but not least, Ella's Kitchen's baby cookies. They actually look like mini cookie bars. The texture is more coarse and does not melt/dissolve like the Gerber products. I personally do not like this product cause when Ava starts eating it, it basically turns into a big, mushy, muddy mess. Complete with the mud color as well. This product is pretty tasteless as well.

Aside from the American brand baby snacks, I also carry my little arsenal of Japanese made baby snacks. First of all, they have the cutest packaging! The products are very easy to dissolve and easy for babies to hold.

Japanese always get it right when it comes to cute branding..^_^

Top left: Rice bars Top Right: Rice puff balls Bottom Right: Little balls
I love the rice bars! They are the perfect size for baby to grab. Not thin enough for them to shove the whole thing in their mouth. They come in original and vegetable flavored. The rice puff balls are basically like KIX cereal but made of rice and dissolved easily. The bottom are little balls processed with egg and flour and very dissolveable. I decided to buy the pumpkin flavored ones.

All of these snacks are not only Ava Approved, but Joseph as well with the exception of Ella's Kitchen baby cookies. I find these snacks are the best items to keep in the diaper bag because it keeps them busy at restaurants but also helps put something delicious in their tummies!

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