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Saturday, August 3, 2013

We left our hearts in San Francisco.

Earlier this year we planned a family trip for San Francisco, but then Ava started daycare and got really sick. So we ended up cancelling the trip since winter time+daycare=sick girl. That was back in January. Come July, I was finally able to schedule and get everyone to make this trip up to San Francisco without cancellation!

I knew visiting a city there's always got to be food places to hit up while I am in town. But since this is Ava, Joseph, and Hubby's first trip to San Francisco, I wanted to also include some sightseeing places as well.

We took the BART all the way to Powell Station since we stayed at PARC 55 in Union Square area. It was not only convenient from the BART, but the cable car was right there as well! Everything was a walking distance and we were close to all sightseeing areas as well. Hotel was clean, very friendly, and upgraded us to a room with a view, comped a fridge, AND offered a playpen for Ava.

After dropping off the luggage we decided to head out to Brenda's Soul Food Kitchen to try some crawfish beignets and other southern style breakfast.

Crawfish Beignets. Amazingly delicious and what they are known for.

Chocolate beignet with molten Ghiradelli chocolate, Plain powdered beignet, and Granny Smith apple beignet in the back.

We decided to wait in line to ride the cable car. After more than an hour wait we were on! We got off Lombard Street stop to view what is known as "The most Crooked Street".

We decided to just walk down towards Fisherman's Wharf and hang out. Of course the place is just packed with tourist and lots of seafood!

Gorgeous view before heading to Fisherman's Wharf with Coit Tower in the top right.

Look at all those crabs!

Old streetcars from different eras. Very sleek!

The Rock

Went to the Ferry Building (Pier 1) for some Porchetta Sandwiches

Brother Sister Love!!
 We also did all the other tourisy things like going to Chinatown and of course seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, but we didn't have the time to walk on it since the weather didn't seem to be clearing up.
Joseph being upset at the crazy wind and having to manage Ava hahahaha
On our last day we got to visit the Balmy Street Murals in the Mission District. Lots of culture and beautiful hand painted artwork on walls, garage doors, and fences.
This one was my favorite and I believe was Joseph's favorite too.

Overall it was a great trip with the family. The weather was perfect and not a drop of rain. Hopefully we will get to visit again!

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