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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Joseph's 7th Birthday. Belated Birthday Post

My little boy who is growing up to a be a big boy is now 7! So much has changed since he was a little baby 7 years ago. Now he has grown to be responsible for himself as well as being the perfect protective brother to little Ava.

For his birthday this year, I knew he wanted a Minecraft birthday, so I had a great idea of how I wanted his cake to look like. At first I decided I wanted a cake decorator to make his cake. But as the time got closer and closer, I decided I want to make the cake myself.

Damage after Zombie and Creeper blowing it up

He LOVED the cake, each TNT was a sparkler candle so when lit, it was like the TNT going off! See video below!

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Jenna Devereaux said...

Hi Jenny,
Where did you find the TNT Candles?

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