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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Return of the Gnomes!

The Gnomes have returned! And they have re-landscaped their yard! Or that is what my son believes in. Little did he know, mommy and daddy spent the weekend going to the nursery and buying landscaping and decors to make the gnome yard come alive.

I knew I wanted some kind of "hobbit-esque" front yard which involved putting in Irish moss and moss ground cover. I was able to find a miniature tree that bear berry/fruit similar to a pomegranate. The gnome kit I ordered off Amazon gave the gnomes a nice fence, trellis that will eventually lead to a farm area (hopefully!) , birdhouse, shovel, and wagon.

My husband was nice to chisel out a square hollow in the tree trunk for me to build a window for nighttime magic. My plan is to throw in miniature glowsticks at night so my kids would believe the gnomes are home.

This is the earliest stage of the landscape work. Notice just wood pieces bordering the trunk of the tree.
 When I first put in the Irish moss, there were gap of space here and there that wasn't able to fit the moss, so I used cut branches and rocks to fill the space. Once I did that I started to have more ideas of how I wanted to expand on that. So I went out and got some ground cover moss as filler for those pockets of space and the mini tree.

The wood used as fillers became steps leading up to the house and small borders.

The tree adds a nice touch of height to the front door.

The doorknocker fell off and have been replaced by a screw, which will keep the door from falling as well.
As if I was not satisfied enough with the work in progress. I had to order accessories to make it more lively. Yesterday I had the kids help me add these offerings as a welcome back gift to the gnomes.

With a view of the window.
The final result for now.........
Trellis arch

Birdhouse and shovel
Eventually my next plan is to install a chimney and work on a farm area. But since winter is coming, that might not be ideal and may not sustain. Chimney idea is still a go though. That will be saved for another weekend so this will do for now!!

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