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Monday, October 29, 2012

Bates Nut Farm 2012

This year was Ava's first Halloween and we were able to finally take her to Bates Nut Farm. Although we wanted to take her earlier with Joseph, but she came down with some bad virus that even landed her in the ER. So she was basically quarantined in the house for a week. Once she got some good ol medicine from the ER doctor, she was able to venture out on Saturday to look at pumpkins! I remember the first time taking Joseph there, it was so cool because it was actually a field full of pumpkins still on the vine and they were all enormous! They had a straw maze, tractor rides, and all kinds of food.

However, this year we got there near the end of the season, so no maze or tractor. Just pumpkins. Quite a few rotting pumpkins as well. But we still got to take some pictures and Ava seemed to enjoy being out finally.

This is Joseph back in 2008
He's so little! Still baby status at the time :)
Now here's Ava and her first time at Bates Nut Farm, not exactly the same age but still cute to have pictures of them two visiting the same places for the first time.

Ava is probably, what in the world are these big ol orange things???
They seem kind of cool after all!
With MAMA...
Bates Nut Farm is so exciting!!! HAHAHAHA
They sure have a funny texture to them!

Yes Mr. Turkey, thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Bahahaha
Straws are fascinating as well :)
Overall, it was a great time visiting the pumpkin patch. Next year we will definitely go earlier and hopefully Joseph will come with us together. The weather was nice and hot she was able to still wear shorts at the end of October! Until then, bye!! Pin It Now!


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