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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ava's Adventures at 8~ months!

Nothing more precious than baby Ava sleeping....Until she wakes and it's bath time, then it's full on pool party!!

Wow...what's all this white bubbly stuff??

I wonder what would happen if I hit it with my little itty bitty hands??

Wholy moly!!

Maybe it will taste good???
Ava also got to take a little trip to this glittery town called Vegas with Mommy. She got to enjoy a nice relaxing time in her hotel crib and pretty flowers.

Party at my crib on the 15th floor! BYOM (Bring Your Own Milk!!)

The biggest Ladybug EVER Mommy!!

Bees buzzing behind me, I know.. I'm staying cool!

More pictures to come in an iPhone post soon!! :)

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